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AR&Rope Course - TrailblazAR(LBE)

Programmer, Technical Artist, UIUX | 2024. 1 (Still In Process)

Client: Dragon's Den

Game Gole: Enabling children in Dragon's Den to have more immersive and interactive experiences while doing rope courses

Tool: Quest3, Xreal-Light, Hololens2

Describe: Three prototypes were designed for the children in Dragon's Den, AR games that can be played while waiting for a rope course and while the zipline is in progress. Program interactive features in Unity Engine using Hololens2, X-Real Light AR Glasses, and Quest3. Designed and created the UI for the game to better guide the player, and made the UI and the whole game experience more comfortable and natural, with a better visual sense through the UX design.

1. Quest3: We used Quest3 on the zipline platform to make a game about slingshot using fruits to feed the 'guardian dragon', different fruits have different VFX effects, and the dragon will have different reactions according to the feeding situation.

2. Xreal-Light: Create Shader Effects and apply them to realistic architecture, use X-Real Light's HandTracking feature to interact with architecture in real and create virtual effects, and create hand magic particle effects in HandTracking

3. Hololens2: Used hand tracking to make a simulation demo for customer experience.

· Bellow are all for CMU Building Virtual World
What is "CMU's Building Virtual World"?
- It is the most classic fast-paced project model in CMU's Entertainment Technology program, requiring students to work in groups to make a game on demand in 1-2 weeks.

The ZOOPOO (Vive Tracker Game) - 1 week

Programmer and Technical Artist | 2023.10

Game Gole: Brush the hippo's teeth, note: the mischievous hippo will suddenly turn around to prevent you from brushing its teeth, and it may poop at you. Hurry up and complete the task!

Tool: Unity Engine& Vive Tracker

Describe: You are a zookeeper, and we you need to brush the teeth of the hippopotamus in the zoo. Its teeth are very dirty, please help it.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (VR Game) - 2 weeks

Programmer and Technical Artist | 2023.09

Game Gole: By harnessing magical fire, the protagonist lights the street lamps, driving away the mischievous ghosts, ensuring a safe journey home through the night, and ultimately overcoming a fear of ghosts.

Tool: Unity Engine& Quest 2

Describe: "The ghost you've been afraid of is someone else's dearly departed loved one," the player learns from the pre-story introduction that they are a ghost who comes to the human world on Halloween to help a little girl safely return home. The player must gather red magic fire to light the street lamps, and the little girl can only move forward when the street lamps are lit. When other ghosts appear to scare the little girl, the player needs to gather green magic fire to drive them away. After the little girl safely arrives home, the player learns from the ending video that they are the girl's father, who has passed away a long time ago. Therefore, the player's actions of helping the girl throughout the game become meaningful and justified.

The Secret Gardern (AR Game) - 2 weeks

Programmer and Technical Artist | 2023.09

Game Gole: Feel free! Enjoy a high degree of freedom in planting flowers, watering, picking them, and arranging them in a vase to experience exquisite visual effects.

Tool: Unity Engine& Quest pro

Describe: Players are restricted to a small garden where they can do anything they want. There are four different colors of flowers, each corresponding to a color of the rainbow. If the player waters the flowers too much, they will die from overwatering. If the player pinches the petals while picking the flowers, the flowers will also die and the petals will fall off. After inserting each color of flower, the entire virtual world will become more colorful and brighter. When the player completes all four flowers, it will rain in the sky, and the seeds on the ground that have not fully bloomed will all bloom.

The Aqua (Experienmental Game) - 2 weeks

Programmer and UIUX Designer | 2023.11

Game Gole: Follow the Aqua elf, competing in firefighting to see who can extinguish more fires, but beware of monsters.

Tool: 'Cavern', DDL Dancing Pat, X-Box Button, Unity Engine

Describe: Two players put on 3D glasses and compete in putting out fires, using the DDL Dancing Pat to control direction, and holding a Button to spray water to extinguish the fires. The one who has extinguished the most fires when time runs out wins. Watch out for the meddling monsters, and good luck!

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